Samsung 18650 2500mah Battery

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Product Description
Samsung INR18650-25R Unprotected Li-Ion Rechargeable battery SDI High Drain Flat Top Batteries Available in Original Samsung Green INR18650-25R Product Specifications: Nominal Voltage : 3.7v Capacity 2500mAh Lowest Discharge Voltage : 2.50v Standard Charge: CC/CV (max. Charging rate 4.2A) Charging Cycles : > 600 cycles (+75% after 600 cycles) Max. continuous discharge rate : 20A/35A Operating Discharge Temperature : -10 – 60 Degree Celsius Nicotine Free The batteries have a Silver/White sticker over the Samsung Code, Please remove to check. Batteries come with stickers over the manufacturers writing, this is to comply with international air freight regulations. These stickers may be white or silver showing the capacity, voltage and battery type, The writing in the first picture is under this sticker.

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